The Phantom Tollbooth
By: Norton Juster

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6th grade Standards Introduction Task
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The Phantom Tollbooth
By:  Norton Juster

 C Layer
Numbers 1-7 required by all

  1. Complete daily reading log. (5 pts.)
  2. Complete the pre-reading activity that is linked here. (5 pts)
  3. After Chapter 4, create a synonym handbook for chapters 1-4. (10 pts)
  4. Read or listen to chapters 1-4 and complete the writing prompts (5pts)
  5. Read or listen to chapters 5-10 and complete the writing prompts (5pts)
  6. Read or listen to chapters 11-15 and complete the writing prompts (5 pts)
  7. Read or listen to chapters 16-20 and complete the writing prompts (5 pts)

Choose 3 from 8-11 (5 pts each)

  1. Create an award certificate to be given to Milo for rescuing Rhyme and Reason.  Include reasons for the award, using the language of royal decrees.  You may have to research what royal decrees mean. 
  2. Create your own Top 10.  Imagine you are visiting Digitopolis and Mathemagician asks you to introduce yourself.  You must describe yourself using numbers 1-10.
  3. Plan a menu for a meal in which everything has a geometric shape.  Make a list of each item and its shape; then draw a picture of what the meal would look like.
  4. My Land Beyond – Draw a map for your own fantasy world.  Think of names for the places you would visit there.  Decide what bodies of land and water would be on your map.  Draw a route for traveling through this land beyond.  Don’t forget a title of your map, short description, map key, and compass.

Choose 2 from 12-14 (total of 20 pts)

  1. Complete the characterizations. (10 pts)
  2. The title of Chapter 13 is “Unfortunate Conclusions”.  After reading this chapter complete the following journal topic:  Has jumping to conclusions ever made you wish that  you had stopped for a moment and thought things through?  Create a newspaper article that explains this moment.  The article you write will include who, what, when, where, why, and how details. Don’t forget to create a catchy headline.  Insert a picture and label with a caption.  Create your document on publisher.  (10 pts)
  3. Beware of the Senses Taker!  Complete a power point presentation to explain your answers to the 26 questions.  Don’t forget to include details that connect to a person’s senses.

 B Layer 
Choose either 15 or 16.  ( 10 points)

  1. Create a board game based on Milo’s adventures in the Lands of Beyond.  Use the map at the front of the book as the location for the game’s action.  Don’t forget you need to include character pieces, rules of the game, and good luck and back luck cards (move ahead or go back).
  2. In Chapter 18, Reason said, “You must never feel badly about making mistakes, as long as you take the trouble to learn from them.”  You are to write a journal about this and your feelings in regards to this saying.  Then create a puppet play that shows how characters can learn from their mistakes.  Create at least 2 puppets.

Choose 2 (10 pts each)

  1. Define the vocabulary words from Chapter 13 and then rewrite Chapter 13 as you think it should go, using the same vocabulary and keeping the title.
  2.  Research and create a power point presentation on the instruments in a symphony and their arrangement. 
  3. In Chapter 7, one of King Azaz’s main courses at the royal banquet was an idiom.  Create a book titled, “That’s Not What I Meant” that will include all your idioms.
  4. Make a tape recording of ten separate sounds that are made by common things in our environment.  Play the tape for other students, at least 12, to see how many sounds they can identify.  Create a chart, example: a bar graph, to show what the sound was and if they were correct or incorrect in identifying the sounds. 

  A Layer
Choose 1 and respond in essay form (15 points)

  1. There is debate over the importance of words versus numbers.  You need to choose either Pro-words or Pro-numbers.  You are a lawyer and you need to write your arguments.  First, you will write a summary of your position and list your supporting reasons.  Make your initial statement.  Then list a rebuttal that you think someone would make to weaken your initial statement.  Finally, make a closing argument summarizing the key points that support your position.
  2. In an essay, answer this question: “What is the author saying about the quest for knowledge, persistence, cooperation, and personal growth?”

Grading Scale

100-120 = A

 85-99 = B

70-84= C

 60-69 = D

59 & lower = F